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CVX understands how important it is for our partners to find the right board or advisory role. We carefully select growth companies from over 45 industries, giving you access to a wide range of consulting roles in start-ups and scale-ups.

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In-depth analysis

Our rigorous selection team conducts in-depth analysis to identify and select the most promising growth companies.

Exclusive presentation

Before matchmaking, we introduce you to the companies at our partner meetings, where you will have the opportunity to be introduced to the companies’ vision and needs.

Tailored matchmaking

Our individual matching process ensures you find the role that best suits your expertise.

Your experience is key to the success of growth companies

Board and advisory roles are not just about prestige; board work is about shaping the future of companies. With CVX, in addition to access to a wide range of positions in consulting, you’ll also have the chance to directly influence the success of growing companies. You contribute more than just your time – you bring your industry expertise, your network and your passion for growing the business.

Together with CVX and our exclusive community of partners, we create strong and active boards and advisory roles. More than 60 companies have benefited greatly from our expertise in international scaling, marketing and strategic consulting in the last two years.

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If you are interested in exploring board or advisory roles through CVX, please contact us. Book a meeting with Joakim Herrestrup, Head of Partner Relations. Joakim can help with:

Contact Joakim Herrestrup on +45 60103846 or book a meeting below.

CVX Head of Partner Reltaions Joakim Herrestrup. Sammen med vores partnere investerer vi kapital og kompetencer i de mest lovende start-ups og gør en forskel for dansk erhvervsliv.

The process for board & advisory roles through CVX
- We ensure high quality in every step

1. Analysis
To ensure a perfect match between you and the company, we start with an in-depth understanding of the company's core competencies, growth potential and cultural fit. We understand the importance of knowing each company's unique DNA and are dedicated to matching this with your individual skills and requirements.
2. Selection team
After the initial analysis, our selection team of experienced industry professionals will carefully assess and validate the company's growth potential. This ensures that we only present you with the most relevant and attractive roles that match your skills and interests.
3. Presentation
Once a company has passed our selection criteria, you'll have the opportunity to meet them at our exclusive partner meetings. Here the companies are presented in detail with their strategy, vision and specific needs. This gives you a unique insight and understanding of the company before a potential matchmaking.
4. Matching process
After the presentation, the match process begins. We facilitate the dialog between you and the company, ensuring that all expectations are aligned and that both parties are satisfied with the match. Our team is also available for professional advice, contract drafting, and all subsequent steps in the process, ensuring a seamless experience for both parties.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Finding the right companies to partner with and obtain board or advisory roles can be both challenging and time-consuming. Often candidates and companies can miss each other due to a lack of knowledge of each other’s needs. Although some turn to networking or board training to improve their chances, this isn’t always enough.

At CVX Ventures, we regularly offer presentations by growth companies that are actively seeking competencies for their boards or advisory boards. Our approach ensures efficient match-making processes that help you find and get the right job quickly.

If you possess industry-specific knowledge, strategic, commercial, organizational, or financial skills, you are what growth companies are looking for. What matters is your passion for making a strategic difference and helping shape the growth successes of the future.

We have a broad and versatile approach, being industry agnostic. From aerospace, robotics, and software to furniture manufacturing and B2C platforms, our portfolio continues to evolve. The companies we work with range from start-ups to established businesses with annual revenues in the hundreds of millions.

There are some similarities, but also several differences between the board of directors and the advisory board.

Both the advisory board and the board of directors aim to improve corporate governance and performance, and can be run in a similar way. However, there are also some differences between the two.

The advisory board provides advice, while the board has wide-ranging powers, including overriding the CEO’s decisions if necessary. Members of advisory boards have no legal or financial responsibility, unlike board members who bear some responsibility and are subject to legal obligations. This means that board members also need insurance, while advisory board members usually do not.

Meeting preparation and frequency of meetings can vary, but in general, board meetings require more in-depth preparation and may have a set meeting frequency compared to advisory boards. With greater responsibility and work intensity on boards often comes greater compensation than on advisory boards.

To become a board member or advisor through CVX, you must first and foremost be able to make a real difference to the company and have good chemistry with the management of the individual company and other members of the board or advisory board. In addition, it requires that you are part of CVX’s network and that you have shown interest in the role after presenting a company and have had an in-depth dialog with the company where you have agreed on a collaboration.

CVX can help structure the process and also provide advice on contracts and compensation.

There is always remuneration for advisors or board members and this will typically consist of fees, sweat equity, or a combination of the two.

It can vary greatly from company to company and can be anything from a few hours on a monthly schedule up to 1 working day on a weekly basis depending on the individual member and company. It’s rare in CVX for members to be at the high end, and it will typically be in connection with demanding chairman positions that require something more. The time spent is usually defined at the beginning of the contract and can be changed on an ongoing basis by mutual agreement.

The companies are primarily spread across Denmark, secondarily Sweden and Norway, while in some cases we also work with companies outside of Scandinavia.

It is not necessary to have board training to be a CVX partner, and there are many value-creating board members who have not taken board training. It is also not a legal requirement to have a board education to sit on either boards or advisory boards, but it is of course not a bad idea to take one. Especially when it comes to board work, the legal responsibility also means that some people feel more confident by getting an education first.

"Our experience with CVX has been very positive. We had the opportunity to present ourselves and our product at a CVX event. This resulted in the creation of our advisory board and a collaboration that has generated over 1 million DKK in new revenue. It paid off to show up at CVX and make new connections."
Petter Rodin
Co-founder, ProRoom
"I get great value from sharing my own experiences with entrepreneurs and getting inspiration from other advisors, board members and investors who also want to make a real difference."
Frederik M. Braun
CVX Partner
"We have been very satisfied with CVX Ventures, who have been focused and flexible throughout the entire process, from our first investor pitch to follow-up and execution. Thanks to the entire team at CVX for helping us put together a strong investment syndicate"
William Rabsztyn
CEO, Bookboost
"The collaboration with CVX has been professional and exciting. After clarifying and concretizing what we needed to find for the company, CVX introduced me to a wide range of competent people. With Mikkel, the match was there right away. He brings great skills that can help us further in our journey."
Asbjørn Levring
CEO and Founder, Instrat Technology
"CVX offers several great opportunities for people interested in investing and/or spending time in startups through board work."
Michael Schoer
CVX Partner
"At Avilius & Blume, we used CVX to find the perfect consultant. After a short and professional process, we found an advisor who has since created great value for us. Working with CVX is always a pleasure."
Jonas Schøsler
CEO, Avilius

Do you want to contribute with more than consulting? Invest in businesses too!

Being on a board or advisory board doesn’t have to be all about advice. You can also choose to actively invest in start-ups and scale-ups and be part of their journey with both your knowledge and capital. At CVX, we understand that many business professionals see the value in combining their knowledge with direct investment, and that’s exactly what we offer.

When you engage with CVX’s board and advisory initiatives, you also have the opportunity to invest directly in the growth companies you are passionate about and want to shape.

Deltagere til CVX event med start-ups. Pitcher efter bestyrelse eller kapital investeringer. Sammen med vores partnere investerer vi kapital og kompetencer i de mest lovende start-ups og gør en forskel for dansk erhvervsliv.

Invest capital

In addition to contributing your expertise in a board or advisory role, why not consider supporting start-ups with capital? Learn more about how CVX Ventures can help you with attractive investment opportunities in growth companies.

Join our community

As a partner in our community, you get a number of benefits, including access to investment and board cases for growth companies. As part of CVX Ventures, you’ll be introduced to a community of business professionals, investors, and business angels. Together we create synergy and pave the way for future opportunities.

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