Do you need a board or advisory board for your business? We'll find them for you!

Succeed in your start-up or scale-up with a board of directors or advisory board that can strengthen your business. Whether you’re looking for experts in a specific industry, strategic advisors or innovative leaders, we can connect you with business professionals.

Get a board of directors or advisory board through CVX

Competent profiles

All our profiles go through a rigorous selection process to ensure you are only presented with partners that match your business needs and culture.

Professional network

Through us, you gain access to an extensive network of the industry’s most skilled and experienced board members and advisors.

Tailored matchmaking

Our individual matching process ensures you find the right advisors with the relevant experience to contribute to your company’s strategic growth.

Turn vision into reality with the right board and advice

Choosing the right profiles for your board or advisory board can be crucial to your company’s success in competitive markets. With our help, you can find specialists who bring both strategic insight and practical experience to the table.

Whether you’re facing scaling, marketing or sales challenges, our network of experienced professionals can help your business succeed.

With CVX as your partner, you get a network of dedicated partners who are as passionate about your business growth as you are.

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If you are unsure whether your company is ready for a board of directors or an advisory board, contact us. Book a meeting with Katrine Gilberg, Head of Board and Advisory. Katrine can help with:

The process for board & advisory roles through CVX
- We ensure high quality in every step

1. analysis
To ensure a perfect match between your company and the profiles, we first and foremost look at their skills, experience and cultural fit. We understand the importance of knowing each company's unique DNA and are dedicated to matching this with the profile's individual competencies and your requirements.
2. Matching
After the initial analysis, our selection team of experienced industry professionals will carefully assess and validate the profile's competencies.
3. professional assistance
This is where the match process begins. Our team is available for professional advice, contract drafting, and all subsequent steps in the process, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Our partners bring solid experience and strong business acumen that can be crucial for growth companies. We match partners to your business based on their unique skills and background. These range from experienced entrepreneurs to experts in areas such as sales, procurement, product development, go-to-market strategies, marketing and law. With this diverse network of partners, we are equipped to help your business grow and scale.

Recruitment is a costly affair for many growing companies. At CVX, we offer a unique model that stands out. We have over 650 partners who are already familiar with and invested in our concept. All of these partners have expressed a desire to join the boards and advisory boards of start-ups and scale-ups. That’s why when you work with us, you not only get access to candidates we already know, but also candidates who understand the economic level your business operates at. This ensures an efficient and relevant process for your business. What’s more, our costs are competitive and you only pay for recruitment when an actual contract is signed.

In CVX’s Board & Advisory department, we regularly assess a number of companies. The process begins with an initial meeting where we dive into your company’s strengths, needs and potential. After this meeting, we will assess whether there is a match between your company and our partners and go through the next steps, conditions and opportunities for a potential collaboration. Want to take the first steps? Book a meeting with Katrine here.

Having a board of directors or advisory board can be a game-changer for your business. Here are some of the benefits:

Expertise: Even in the early stages of your business, you can access skilled profiles that offer invaluable advice. They can help ensure you maximize revenue and continue to grow your business without being slowed down by everyday challenges.

Strategic advice: No matter where your company is on the growth journey, board members can contribute strategically. Advisors can act as “door openers”, opening doors to new partners, industries or even new markets in different countries.

Enhanced credibility: When seeking funding or working with banks and investors, your business is stronger with a professional board of directors or a robust advisory board. It signals seriousness, preparation and a dedicated focus on growth.

It’s not just about getting a few extra hands – it’s about having the right hands to guide and support your business to success.

Does your business need to raise capital? Access our network of investors and business angels.

Our network extends beyond board and advisory roles. With CVX by your side, you have the opportunity to present your business to an exclusive network of investors and business professionals looking for innovative growth companies to support.

Raising capital can often be a complex and time-consuming process, but with our experience and resources, your journey will be easier and more efficient.

Raise capital for your start-up through CVX.

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