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As a CVX partner, you get:

Community and pitching

You’ll be part of an exclusive community of start-ups and scale-ups, business professionals and investors. We take care of facilitating the meetings.

Access to investment and boards

You’ll have access to carefully selected investment opportunities, as well as the chance to contribute your expertise to the boards and advisory boards of start-ups and scale-ups.

Development and inspiration

You get access to meetings, conferences, seminars, podcasts and masterclasses.

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Investing in startups

As a partner, you get access to investment opportunities. Our skilled and dedicated investment team spots and analyzes the most promising start-ups and scale-ups, increasing the likelihood of a high return for you.

Board and advisory roles

We understand how important it is for our partners to find the right board or advisory role. As a CVX partner, you’ll have access to a wide range of consulting roles in growth companies across industries and stages.

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If you are interested in becoming part of an exclusive community through CVX Ventures and would like to move forward in the process, please contact us. You can book a meeting with Joakim Herrestrup, Head of Partner Relations. Joakim can help with:

Contact Joakim Herrestrup on +45 60103846 or book a meeting below.

CVX Head of Partner Reltaions Joakim Herrestrup. Sammen med vores partnere investerer vi kapital og kompetencer i de mest lovende start-ups og gør en forskel for dansk erhvervsliv.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

By becoming a CVX partner, you gain access to an exclusive community of up-and-coming Nordic startups, growth companies, investors, business angels and experienced business professionals. Our investment teams thoroughly analyze the most promising start-ups and growth companies – around 1 in 100 – are presented to our partners. This ensures you get the best investment opportunities and the chance to contribute actively and passively, whether it’s through capital injection or as part of the board of directors and advisory boards.

In addition, we regularly organize partner meetings, seminars, conferences and masterclasses where you can expand your network, exchange experiences and stay up to date on the latest trends in the startup world.

No, there is no commitment to your partnership with CVX. Once the membership fee is paid, you automatically have a 12-month membership.

The CVX community is a collection of Denmark’s most visionary business people, business angels and investors. All share a passion for supporting and guiding Nordic start-ups on their growth journey. Together we form a powerful alliance that combines capital, experience and insight to drive innovation and growth in society.

Our partner meetings last 3-4 hours and are a combination of start-up pitches and networking, as well as food and drinks.

We present our partners with 1-3 investment opportunities and 6-8 board and advisory board opportunities monthly. These cases will be pitched at the partner meetings, and there is then an opportunity for dialog with the individual companies afterwards about possible collaborations.

We hold monthly partner meetings, but due to vacations, there are no meetings in July and August.

For a one-year partnership, the price is DKK 17,500 DKK excluding VAT. This ensures you access to all our partner meetings, start-up pitching sessions and a wide range of additional benefits as a partner.

Absolutely! CVX Ventures is designed to support both experienced investors and those new to the startup landscape. Our experienced investment team ensures that you are presented with carefully selected quality cases and we are here to guide you through the entire investment process.

Through thorough company analysis and expertise, we save you the time-consuming task of sorting and analyzing potential investment opportunities. With CVX by your side, you’ll never be alone; you’ll be part of the Nordic’s largest network of investors to spar with, and you’ll have hands-on opportunities to engage directly with startups through our partner meetings.

While many traditional business angel networks focus primarily on connecting startups with potential investors, CVX Ventures offers a more comprehensive approach to venture investing. Our dedicated investment team analyzes and selects start-ups, ensures optimal valuation and negotiates term sheets in advance. This gives our investors a more streamlined and secure investment process.

Furthermore, CVX Ventures puts itself in a unique position by always co-investing alongside our partners in the cases presented, ensuring aligned interests and strengthening trust.

In short, CVX is designed to maximize the value of your start-up investment and ensure that you as an investor get the best guidance and support in the venture landscape.

"Our experience with CVX has been very positive. We had the opportunity to present ourselves and our product at a CVX event. This resulted in the creation of our advisory board and a collaboration that has generated over 1 million DKK in new revenue. It paid off to show up at CVX and make new connections."
Petter Rodin
Co-founder, ProRoom
"I get great value from sharing my own experiences with entrepreneurs and getting inspiration from other advisors, board members and investors who also want to make a real difference."
Frederik M. Braun
CVX Partner
"We have been very satisfied with CVX Ventures, who have been focused and flexible throughout the entire process, from our first investor pitch to follow-up and execution. Thanks to the entire team at CVX for helping us put together a strong investment syndicate"
William Rabsztyn
CEO, Bookboost
"The collaboration with CVX has been professional and exciting. After clarifying and concretizing what we needed to find for the company, CVX introduced me to a wide range of competent people. With Mikkel, the match was there right away. He brings great skills that can help us further in our journey."
Asbjørn Levring
CEO and Founder, Instrat Technology
"CVX offers several great opportunities for people interested in investing and/or spending time in startups through board work."
Michael Schoer
CVX Partner
"At Avilius & Blume, we used CVX to find the perfect consultant. After a short and professional process, we found an advisor who has since created great value for us. Working with CVX is always a pleasure."
Jonas Schøsler
CEO, Avilius
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Spørgsmål omkring bestyrelse?

Oscar Thybo, Senior Manager of Board & Advisory

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