Overcoming challenges: RaskRask’s entrepreneurial journey

RaskRask has revolutionised the wellness industry by offering professional massage services to individuals and businesses nationwide. “What sets us apart is our unique approach: leveraging a sharing economy model where customers provide the location instead of us having traditional clinics. This enables us to provide high-quality treatments at competitive prices, matching those of established clinics.”

The idea for RaskRask stemmed from a personal experience back in 2015 when their founder, Albert Kirk Iversen, needed treatment but couldn’t leave home due to pain. This sparked the idea for easier access to health and wellness services, believing that it made more sense for therapists to come to the client rather than the other way around. This concept was well-received, leading Albert and his co-founders to win the best idea award at the “Startup Weekend Aarhus” competition in 2015. Shortly after, RaskRask opened its doors in Studentervæksthus Aarhus, introducing its first therapists. Within a year, RaskRask proudly received the Entrepreneur of the Year award and expanded its concept nationwide.

Fast forward to today, RaskRask is focusing primarily on its core business of massage services. They have invested significant efforts in refining their structure and strategy to elevate their concept to the next level. Transitioning from a startup with a few employees, they have grown into a well-established company with 18 full-time/part-time staff at their Aarhus office. This growth necessitated more structure and a clear strategic vision.

“Our journey after participating in “Løvens Hule” (the Danish version of Shark Tank) in 2020 involved exploring various services like training, yoga, and hairdressing, but we’ve returned to our core business of massage,” notes Albert Kirk Iversen, CEO of RaskRask. “We’ve realised that this is where we can make the most significant impact and help our customers in ways that others can’t.”

Despite milestones like reaching 100,000 active treatments and maintaining a Trustpilot score of 4.8, RaskRask faced its share of challenges, especially during the uncertainties of the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. This period prompted a reevaluation of strengths, guiding the company back to its core mission.

Through challenges and triumphs, RaskRask continues to evolve, driven by a dedication to excellence and a passion for enhancing wellness experiences.

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