CVX Ventures completes investment in Bookboost

CVX Ventures invests in the Swedish B2B SaaS company Bookboost. Bookboost grew 5 times over the past 12 months. The B2B SaaS company will use the investment to expand their sales team and invest further in product development.
Bookboost is a CX system that leverages data to automate and personalize the customer journey in the hotel industry. The solution is used by 107 hotels across 36 hotel chains in multiple countries. Photo: Bookboost/PR.

CVX Ventures is announcing their investment in the innovative CX platform Bookboost. This investment ensures that Bookboost has a strong capital base and an experienced investor network to help drive the company’s future growth.

“Bookboost now has a really strong investor group, together with our original investors, that has given us an even stronger foundation to realize our vision of revolutionizing the customer experience in the hotel industry,” says Bookboost’s CEO Willem Rabsztyn

Bookboost has developed a CX platform that uses data to automate and personalize the customer journey for accommodation businesses. The platform uses data to route customer inquiries to the right employees, while the company’s segmentation algorithm allows personalizing the answers, merging technology and personalization. Unlike traditional CX systems, Bookboost uses two-way communication and engages customers through SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other channels. Bookboost’s multi-channel solution can increase conversions by up to 9 times compared to current market solutions.

Bookboost has been growing with an increase of approximately 5 times over the past 12 months, and the solution is now used by 130+ hotels in 36 hotel chains in several countries.

“We are very excited about the investment in Bookboost. The system that Bookboost has developed creates great value for hotels and their customers. We have great confidence in the talented team to execute their strategy,” says Kristoffer Edin, Investment Manager at CVX Ventures.

Bookboost was founded by Willem Rabsztyn and Daan de Bruijn, all with industry experience and a deep understanding of the hotel industry. Investor interest has been high throughout the process, making it possible for Bookboost to assemble a network of experienced investors to support the company’s expansion plans.

“We have been very pleased with CVX Ventures, who have been focused and flexible throughout the process, from our first investor pitch to follow-up and execution. Thanks to the whole team at CVX” says Willem Rabsztyn, CEO of Bookboost.

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