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Vores partnere får gennem deres CVX-partnerskab Investerings, bestyrelses og advisorymuligeder i de dygtigste vækstvirksomheder. Vi matcher vores partnere med virksomhederne på baggrund af kompetencer, interesser og ønsker inden for investeringer, bestyrelsesposter, udvikling og netværk.



Keyron, a leading medical device company based in the UK and the US, specializes in tackling metabolic diseases. Their flagship product, ForePass®, is patented and targets type-2 diabetes, NASH, and obesity with notable success in animal studies, including insulin resistance reversal, as published in The Lancet EBioMedicine. Keyron is readying for clinical trials, beginning in South America before expanding to the US, with a team of renowned experts and investors in the metabolic diseases field.


Knodd launched their app-based service in 2018 and has completed over 350,000 digital consultation to date, with over 150,000 children registered. Customer response is positive, with a 4,98 rating in Apple app store across 18.000 reviews. Knodd have also launched their first physical clinic in Malmo in January 2024 and have ambitions to expand their physical presence further


Qick Mobility was founded in 2019, where they launched the app with 80 Scooters in the market. Currently in 2024 Qick has 4.319 electric scooters, and are one of the biggest on the Swedish market. Their mission is to lead the micro mobility market in the Nordic countries, delivering the best value to their suers. Qick Scooters goes beyond transportation and integrates mobile network subscriptions (telecom)


Virkley specializes in creating immersive web integrated property experiences, allowing potential buyers to explore properties as if they were physically present, streamlining decision- making processes and enhancing buyer engagement. Their virtual property experiences are designed to be seamlessly accessible across all devices, ensuring that potential tenants/buyers can explore listings anytime, anywhere.


Speechless is an innovative offspring of the swedish company Voicemachine. Speechless emerges as a distinct voice actor database and asset management tool tailored for the gaming industry. Offering a comprehensive suite of features, Speechless simplifies the complexities of managing game characters, lines, TTS, dialogues, casting, payments, agreements, and audio files. With Speechless, game developers can streamline their workflow by centralizing all essential elements of voiceover production, fostering efficiency and organization throughout the project lifecycle.

eXistential AI

eXistential AI is a chip company, developing brain inspired AI chips within a framework of transparent and responsible AI. We make it easier for health tech companies to develop better and safer AIoT (Artificial intelligence of internet of things) devices. eXistential AI’s core product is a ‘neuromorphic’ chip, that is a chip whose architecture is informed by brain science.


WayD has developed a platform that meets the challenge that most youth and children football/soccer teams face, namely funds to get gear and equipment. With WayD’s platform you get to be a part of the team’s experiences also off the pitch as the team will always have an appointed photographer that documents all and then make these precious moments available to parents and grandparents against a modest subscription fee per month.


Naturpladen have made a regenerative acoustic material in the form of plates as well as 3 dimensionals, that you attach on walls or ceiling. It consists of mycelium and upcycled plant rest fibers, good for the climate and the design is top class.

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