CVX Ventures facilitates a triumphant trio of advisors for Meta Learn’s innovative journey

At CVX Ventures, we take immense pride in announcing a significant milestone in our collaboration with Meta Learn, a pioneer in metacognitive therapy focused on enhancing mental well-being. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to nurturing growth and innovation in the Danish entrepreneurial landscape.

In a groundbreaking move facilitated by our team at CVX Ventures, Meta Learn has welcomed three esteemed advisors to their ranks. This strategic enhancement aligns with our philosophy of bridging promising startups with experienced professionals, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that drive value within society.

Following the addition of three new partners through CVX, Meta Learn has marked another significant achievement by securing this year’s Inclusive Award from DTU – the Technical University of Denmark, emphasizing the theme of Technology Leaving No One Behind.

“Asbjørn Fredslund, Co-founder, and CCO, expressed his gratitude, noting, “A lot of complimentary words were shared, which we greatly appreciate. It is always rewarding when others value our product, especially when we strive daily to create the most inclusive experience with Meta Learn.” Going on, Fredslund extended thanks to the individuals involved, including their new partners.

Introducing the new advisors to Meta Learn:

  • Susanne Gram-Hanssen: Susanne joins Meta Learn with a vast network and profound experience in product development. Her role as an active advisor is set to strengthen the company’s core, offering guidance in creating the most impactful products for mental well-being.
  • Grith Okholm Skaarup: Recognized for her extensive background in management and board work. Grith will play a pivotal role in connecting Meta Learn with the right clientele, significantly enhancing employee well-being in workplaces across Denmark.
  • Peter Steen Olsen: As CFO and Board Member for Europæisk Reiseforsikring, Peter brings invaluable knowledge of the insurance industry. His expertise is expected to be instrumental in realizing Meta Learn’s potential in this sector.

“As organizations, it is today central to invest in people’s mental health and well-being to ensure performance, retention, and better lives. Therefore, we are now seeing a large investment in health tech – and with the research and results in metacognitive therapy, MetaLearn is a strong contribution to support self-help on a general problem”, says Grith Okholm Skaarup.

Reflecting on the collaboration, the founder of Meta Learn, Asbjørn Fredslund, commented, “The journey with CVX Ventures has been seamless and effective. The mutual respect fostered a collaboration beyond our expectations. Meeting numerous potential partners at CVX events, who not only understood but were eager to support our vision, was a testament to the strength of CVX’s network.”

This partnership is a prime example of CVX Ventures’ mission to enhance our partners’ investments, knowledge, and networks, both personally and professionally, thereby contributing to communal value creation.

Meta Learn’s metacognitive therapy represents a modern, effective solution to common mental challenges like overthinking, anxiety, stress, and depression. By focusing on the way people think, rather than the content of thoughts, Meta Learn empowers individuals to adopt more flexible and beneficial thinking patterns.

If your company is also looking to take the next step in expansion and attract top talent, just like Meta Learn, CVX Ventures is always ready to assist with active board members, advisors, or investors. For more information, please reach out to Oscar Thybo at, and discover how CVX Ventures can help your business reach new heights.

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