ContentAvenue lands new advisor through CVX Ventures

With help from CVX Ventures, ContentAvenue haven added the CVX Partner Grith Okholm Skaarup as a strategic advisor.

ContentAvenue welcomes Girth Okholm Skaarup to help build their brand and identity whilst providing hands-on insight and know-how to execute their plan.  

“We were delighted by the amazing people and professionals that expressed interest in helping us achieve our vision,” says Shellie Christensen, CEO of ContentAvenue

“The pitch event, hosted by CVX, led to several great matches for our company,” she continues.

ContentAvenue is a mixed team of scientists and journalists introducing a new league of content to the marketing landscape. 

Their team taps into the realm of academic research and discoveries, so marketing teams can unleash a new era of originality backed by science so that they can differentiate themselves in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

The start-up delivers a continuous supply of insight as a CaaS (Content as a Service) so businesses can access meaningful content at the forefront of knowledge and innovation in their industry with speed and convenience.

“I do not doubt that Grith will be a valuable addition to the ContentAvenue team. With her extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and related fields, she is well-positioned to contribute to the ongoing success and growth of ContentAvenue,” says Julie Virkus, Board and Advisory Manager at CVX Ventures. 

The platform offers new and original, professionally written articles ready to be purchased alongside exclusive previews tailored for their content-savvy clients. 

“We know there is a huge need for better content, especially now, and our vision is to deliver on that promise while changing how marketing teams find and buy that content,” concludes Shellie Christensen, CEO of ContentAvenue. 

If your company is looking to take the next step, just like ContentAvenue, CVX Ventures is here to help with active board members, advisors, or investors, please reach out to Julie Virkus at

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