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Our skilled and dedicated investment team spots, analyzes and selects the most promising start-ups and scale-ups, increasing the likelihood of a high return for you.

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Why you should consider investing in startups with us!

Quality assured investments

Our skilled and dedicated investment team conducts a thorough analysis to identify and select the most promising growth companies. This reduces risk and increases the likelihood of high returns.

Efficient use of capital

Avoid wasting time and resources on less attractive cases. Our investment team handles negotiations such as valuation and terms and ensures that only the most promising investment opportunities are presented to you.

Flexible investment options

We give you the opportunity to participate in syndicated investments, which means you can be involved with larger million-dollar amounts, but also with smaller amounts, and can invest both passively and actively.

Your capital is the fuel for future success

When it comes to investing, every investor is looking for a combination of security, return and growth. At CVX Ventures, we go one step further and offer an investment experience that focuses not only on financial gain, but also on creating lasting value and impact.

Investing isn’t just a transaction; it’s a partnership. When you invest your capital with CVX Ventures in start-ups and scale-ups, you’re not just investing in companies – you’re investing in visions, dreams and future success stories.

We’re here to make sure your capital is working for you and helping to create a future we can all be proud of. For example, you can read some of our selected cases here and read regularly updated news here.

The CVX Ventures team analyzes the market's most promising start-ups and scale-ups to find the best investment opportunities.
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If you are interested in investing through CVX Ventures and would like to take the process further, please contact us. You can book a meeting with Joakim Herrestrup, Head of Partner Relations. Joakim can help with:

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Process for investing in startups and scale-ups
- We ensure quality in every step

1. In-depth analysis
Our dedicated investment team doesn't compromise when it comes to thoroughness. We combine personal, commercial and financial analysis and use insights from leading industry experts to ensure we fully understand each opportunity. Only 1-2% of companies make it through the eye of the needle.
2. investment committee review
Each investment opportunity is presented to our investment committee, where its value is carefully evaluated and a fair and rewarding valuation is negotiated.
3. Exclusive presentation
Get ready to explore the potential of our selected start-ups and scale-ups. We invite you to an exclusive partner meeting where companies present themselves and their product. We start with a physical meeting and then online meetings.
4. personal interaction
This is your chance to get closer. Meet the company's driving forces face-to-face, ask critical questions and get a first-hand insight into their vision and mission. We're by your side to make the meeting as rewarding as possible.
5. Closing the agreement
Once you've made your decision, we facilitate the deal process so you and your company can enter into an investment agreement and start the next chapter of your journey together.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Our experienced investment team dedicates time to in-depth analysis to identify the best investment opportunities for you. Before a start-up gets the chance to pitch at our partner meetings, we ensure that valuation and term sheet are negotiated.

We apply a broad strategy to find the most promising companies, both through inbound and outbound channels. This includes industry analysis, outreach, collaboration with VC funds, participation in events, partnerships with universities, direct approaches, and our extensive network that has been built up over several years.

In a world where many companies are seeking capital, it’s important for you as an investor to be selective and thorough. Our investment team facilitates this process by saving you hundreds of hours of work involving sourcing, screening, negotiating, and meeting with potential companies. We guarantee that our partners are only presented with top-tier opportunities, with only 1-2% of assessed startups passing our strict criteria and being allowed to pitch.

It depends on the individual case, but usually the minimum ticket size level will be around DKK 100,000.00.

Everyone can join in. As a CVX partner, you are invited to invest in the cases we present.

It is always possible to invest passively.

Whether an investor can become active in a specific case depends entirely on the individual case.

We focus primarily on Nordic cases. However, there is a growing interest in our partner community to include both UK and US companies, which we have now started to include.

Our primary focus is on seed and series A stage companies with a valuation between DKK 10-200 million.

It’s easy to get started on your investment journey with us. When you sign up as a partner, you get immediate access to current and upcoming investment opportunities. You can book a meeting with us here.

Investments are mainly made through the purchase of unlisted shares. Occasionally, options based on convertible bonds and the like are also presented.

As an investor, it’s up to you to choose the investment opportunities that appeal to you the most and determine your investment amount in the selected cases. Our investment team will support and guide you through the entire process.

CVX always co-invests with our partners in the cases presented. We do this through warrant agreements with companies, which is the most tax-efficient solution for us.

Want to invest more than capital? We give you more options!

Investing in startups and scale-ups isn’t just about capital. It’s also about bringing value, insight and experience to the table. At CVX Ventures, we understand that many business professionals and investors want to be more involved in their investments, and that’s exactly what we offer.

When you invest with CVX Ventures, you get more than just a financial return. You’ll have the opportunity to shape, guide and grow with high-growth companies that are changing the world.

Get a board or advisory role

Have you ever considered contributing your expertise at a deeper level in companies? Learn more about how you can get involved as an advisor or take a seat on the board.

Become part of our partner network

As part of CVX Ventures, you’ll be introduced to a network of industry leaders, innovators and experts. Together we create synergy and pave the way for future opportunities.

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